QR Codes – Random Testing

I spent Sunday playing around with QR Codes. In this post, I will share my findings.

When I got up on Sunday morning, the first thing I did was hop onto TweetDeck to see what was coming in on my QR Code feed. One tweeter noted that the Best Buy circular in the Sunday paper prominently featured QR codes. So I shuffled out to the driveway, picked up the paper, brought it into the house and found the code the tweeter had referenced.

Best Buy QR Code for Prince of Persia Trailer

So I scanned the QR Code with my HTC Incredible phone using Google Goggles as my QR Code scanning application. Interestingly, instead of being directed to the P of P trailer, I was directed to the DVD section of Best Buy’s online store.

So I tweeted the results of my test into the Tweetosphere but I only got one reply (from the original poster) who said he didn’t know why I got that result.

A few hours later, I scanned the code again. This time, I got the trailer:

I tested again over the course of the day with several different readers (I-nigma, BeeTagg, Google Goggles, QRShow) and successfully reached the trailer each time.

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